Making a Bold Statement in Outdoor Advertising

Many businesses spend between one and 50 percent of their profits on advertising and marketing, but if potential customers don’t see that signage, it will never have an impact. Fortunately, there’s nothing that helps up and coming brands boost their visibility like vinyl signs. In fact, even established companies use them for brand recognition and promotional efforts.

Digitally printed, the color and precision of vinyl signs make them both eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Featuring bold and vivid colors, vinyl signage offers an ideal way to relay messages to passersby that your business is open for business or ready to take orders. They’re also durable, able to endure the summer rainstorm or winter flurry, and can remain vibrant through years of exposure to direct sunlight.

The materials used to create the sign are crucial as well. There are a number of different sign vinyls, and each provides its own unique qualities that work best for specific situations. Polymeric and transparent vinyl are great for outdoor signage that needs to resist harsh weather conditions, while matte or gloss vinyl is more suitable for indoor displays. Phototex, for example, is a specialized adhesive-backed fabric that works well for short-term applications and can be easily removed without leaving sticky residue on painted surfaces.

Choosing the right fonts and sizes for your text is important as well. You’ll want your fonts to be clear enough to read from a distance, and the size should be sufficient for your message to stand out in the busy environment where your banner will be displayed. If possible, choose a font that matches the theme or look of your signage. For example, a modern font might be the perfect complement to a sleek new banner designed to draw in passersby.

Vinyl signs are an effective way to promote events and special promotions at your store, restaurant or other local business. They can be hung in a public space or on tables, or even affixed to poles that line city streets. They’re versatile, easy to install and can be customized to suit any design scheme or corporate identity.

Adding an interactive element to your vinyl signage can also help attract customers’ attention. A recent billboard campaign from Reebok, for example, invited passersby to drive past a speed camera and score a pair of ZPump shoes by hitting the target. The result was more than just a few happy feet; it also generated plenty of buzz online and in the media.

Whether you’re creating an eye-catching display for an upcoming event or need a reliable, long-term solution for your company’s branding and messaging, vinyl signs are an affordable and effective choice. Contact local sign company in your area today to get started designing your own high-quality sign that will make a bold statement in any setting.